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Dear Visitor – Welcome to my kitchen! Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a Romanian native, full-time working professional, wife and mother of two beautiful children. I like the satisfaction and fulfillment drawn from small, simple things while passionate  and enjoy life in all of its aspects.

Why I love cooking? Because cooking is the expression of love and we all need to eat to nourish our bodies. Kitchen and dinner table are places where it feels like protecting and being protected.  Cooking  brings the enjoyment and gratification of tasting and the appreciation of the beloved. Combining unexpected ingredients to  bring the taste to a new, unparalleled level is  one of the most delicious endeavors one can aspire to.

Why I love photography? Because life and food can be surprisingly beautiful under the magnifying lenses of a Nikon camera.  This site is coming straight from my kitchen and is the perfect expression of those two passions: cooking and photography. The site was born from the need to have all of the tested keeper recipes in one place. All the photos on this site are photos of the actual dishes prepared as described by each recipe.  While I am an amateur in both cooking and photography, and there is so much to learn, those activities bring pleasure and excitement and I am happy to share their elation here on this site.

Each recipe has been cooked at least one time and most recipes are part of my regular cooking portfolio.  As applicable, the source of the recipes has been indicated and commented if the original recipe has been modified in any way. Hopefully this site will inspire and invite you to try those recipes.

I am happy to share  My First Interview by Jay Gaulard from



  • Hi Claudia,

    I just wanted to stop by to let you know that I’m enjoying your site very much. I can see that you put a lot of hard work into it. Besides your delicious looking recipes, I’m particularly impressed with your food photography. Great job!

    I’ll stop by again to see your new posts. Good luck with everything!

    Take care,

    Jay G.

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  • Anonymous

    I love,love your recipes,you should be on cooking chanel

    • Claudia's Home Cooking

      Thank you for your kind comment, I am glad you like my site. It is made with two special ingredients: love and passion.